New Construction in Sequim and Port Angeles

Master Suite Addition

Master Suite Addition in Sequim

New Construction in Sequim

Are you looking to move to Sequim, Washington in order to retire? Looking to build your dream home, and need a general contractor to build that dream home in our Sequim rainshadow?

At ACR Construction, we offer a wide range of services. We will build a new home on your property, help you identify which lots of land will be the best to build on, walk you through the total process from end-to-end while hitting your budget and your timeline.

The process of building a home can take a long time, take a lot of attention, and can sometimes lead to quite a bit of stress. At ACR Construction, we take the stress off of your shoulders, taking over the general contracting for the new construction of your home, even if you’re not in the same state while we’re building.

ACR Construction has a network of the most reliable and high-quality subcontractors. One of the difficulties of moving to Sequim and building a home is that the building market is booming. That means that the high-quality subcontractors are in high demand, and working with ACR Construction will get you the highest-quality contractors to build your custom home in Clallam County.

Generally we see the stages of home building in Clallam County to include the following:

  • Original ideation and budgeting for your new home construction. This is where you get to dream big, imagining what your ideal custom home construction would look like in our rainshadow. This is a great time to call us, since we can help you determine what local prices look like, what reasonable budgets are for building homes in Clallam County, and any other nuances to local building codes in your new home destination (for example, did you know that in Sequim County you can only have one kitchen per residential home?).
  • Once you have a budget decided on, we get to the requirement building stage. Here, you’ll need to know what your deal-breaker requirements are. Things like: how many kitchens? How many bathrooms? What geographic area, with what views in the county/city?
  • Designing and architecting. Once you have your requirements established, it’s time to talk to a designer or an architect. If you have your own desired architect with a specific aesthetic, you should use her/him! If you’re struggling to know specifically what aesthetic you want for your new home in Clallam County, we can connect you with fantastic home designers (that is, professionals who can take your ideas and requirements and turn them into drawings and eventually actual blueprints) in the area.
  • Submitting and approving new construction permits in Sequim. At this stage, you should let ACR Construction take over with our General Contracting. We’ll work with your designer to take the blueprints, work with the local building codes to make sure everything is going to be streamlined through the approval process, and we’ll use our local connections in Sequim and Port Angeles to expedite your request for permitting approval—since ACR Construction has been providing general contracting in Sequim and Port Angeles for many years, we have strong relationships with both the City as well as the employees and subcontractors locally.
  • Begin building of your new house in Clallam! At this stage, ACR Construction will take over and manage every step of the process. Of course, ACR Construction will be involved before, but this is really where we handle all of the details. We’ll take our network of local, licensed and bonded, high-quality subcontractors and get them to bid the work, manage the overall budget to make sure we’re on time and within overall budget for your new residential building, and move everything forward. Even if something terrible comes up along the way, we’ll let you know of problems, and you can rest assured that we’ll handle everything. Things may move in “Sequim time” generally in this area, but we know how to work within the system and get your home project prioritized and built as quickly as possible.

Work with a Team of Construction Experts in Sequim and PA

From framing, roofing and siding, to sheetrock and painting, custom cabinets and floor coverings, our professional craftsmen are experienced and ready for your job. You can relax and trust that you’re in good hands.

It all starts out with a phone call or an email. Give us a call, and we’ll chat through what your ideas are, your timeline, and any other details or constraints about your new home construction project in Sequim/Port Angeles/Clallam County/or beyond.

Call Chuck Daniel at ACR Construction today and get started on your next project: 360-670-9156