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Chuck Daniel

Chuck Daniel – In the Shop

Chuck Daniel has been building custom homes for over 35 years, and has remodeled countless kitchens and bathrooms. He has lived and worked in the Sequim and Port Angeles area since 1993.

Chuck is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor. He is a member of the North Peninsula Building Association, as well as the WA State and National Home Builders Associations.

What Makes ACR Construction the Best General Contracting Company in Clallam County?

ACR Construction has been working in the General Contracting industry in Clallam County for years. Through that time, we’ve grown strong relationships with local subcontractors. In the same way that you know the quality of work in your industry and know who the best players are, ACR Construction knows the best quality, most reliable subcontractors in the County.

When the building market is hot in an area (like it is now in Clallam County), it’s hard to get the time of day from some contractors without the right connections. Because ACR Construction has been working well with the local contractors for years, we get to skip the queue for your project, and we get the best pricing because of the relationships we’ve built.

Working with a high-quality General Contractor like ACR Construction, you get all of your requirements fulfilled from a single location. If you want to manage your own project, certainly can—if you want it done without having to spend hundreds of hours researching the basics, contact ACR Construction to get started.

What We Can Do For You

ACR Construction offers superior quality and exceptional service. We are dedicated to providing premium craftsmanship and absolute customer satisfaction.

We do all ranges of work—custom home building in Sequim and Port Angeles, home remodeling in Clallam County, basement finishing, garage additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and more. We do it all!

How do you get started with your Clallam County building project:

Give ACR Construction a call at: (360) 670-9156. We’ll kick off the conversation with some high-level basics, including a quick description of your project, where it’s located, what your timeline is, and how far you are in the process. We’re glad to give you a free consultation about your project—if we’re not the best fit for you, we’ll refer you to the best local option to get it done!

Custom Garage Addition in Sequim

Custom Garage Addition in Sequim

Garage Addition

Garage Addition

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